El Buti: origin.

The origin of this word is quite surprising and it is due to an anecdote that took place during the celebration of the ascension to the throne of Amadeo of Savoy, the Italian monarch who reigned in Spain between 1870 and 1873.

At the dinner that the king offered to the high officials of the State as a sign of gratitude, Amadeo asked the waiter Fran to serve him his favorite dish and wine, which he had brought in a special box from the Piedmont, the wine from the now disappeared “Da Butti” winery. When the waiter arrived in the kitchen nobody seemed to know what the king was talking about: nobody had seen or heard of that box of wine.

At that moment the head chef, Don Juan Carlos, got up his courage and brought the king his best dish and wine, ready to present his excuses for the absence of “Da Butti”. When he offered it to him and explained what had happened, Amadeo of Savoy stood up and pronounced some words with his marked Italian accent for all the diners:

“I want to thank you all for coming here tonight to celebrate with me the beginning of a new era in Spain, that of the house of Savoy. I want you to know that even though this is not my city, it seems to me, that even though you are not the family I grew up with, you seem to me, and that this dish and this wine, even though they are not, seems to me to be Da Butti”.

That’s how days later, the same head chef Juan Carlos set up the tavern EL BUTI, where you can still taste the dishes and wine that made the King stay.


Come to our tavern and leave your problems out. Enjoy an authentic and high quality cuisine that will make your meal an unforgettable experience.
In this house they peel, fry, roast, scald, boil, knead, uncork, cook, season, cut, quarter, turn, pickle and season first class fetén products, to the heat of our bar and always in the best company… yours. We are waiting for you.

The best team… at your service

José, Sandra, Fran, Manu, Benito, Carmen… the starting lineup of the best team captained by Juan Carlos.